Asta del Titano s.a.
"Palazzo Admiral Center"
Via 3 Settembre n 99
- interno 123 - 47891
Dogana (R. San Marino)

We have been realizing for over thirty years prestigious auctions selling: greek, roman, medieval, Italian, world coins and papal medals.
We are available to estimate, with maximum confidentiality and professionality, Your collections to sell it via our auctions.
we are always interested in the direct acquire of complete collections or single important pieces.

If you want to receive other information about our company, about our auctions and/or auction catalogues, you can contact us anytime with an e-mail using the following link :

Our telephone numbers:

  • Phone. 0549.970891
  • Fax. 0549.973486
  • Our offices are open from Monday to Friday from 09:00am to 12:00am and the afternoon upon appointment.